Restructure Your Personal History

by Robin Lynne Cameron

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Your Personal History Does Not Define You

It is possible to restructure your personal history.  All of us have various life experiences that can limit us to believe that ‘this is all there is’, BUT that is just not true! Thank goodness, that is not true!  I’ve met many people who define themselves by the location in which they were born.  I hear “You don’t understand where I am from….man”,  “I can’t change….I was born into this life”,  or “I don’t know anything else”.

I see faces of helplessness and shut-down dreamers who are afraid to step off the beaten path for something higher.  This fear of the unknown is real and valid, needing to be embraced, yet re-directed gently as to bridge the gap between victim to victor.  I’ve seen tears in the eyes of those who say “I know what you’re saying is true”, “I’ve heard this before”, “I don’t know man…..I don’t know how… break free”, “I’ve tried….it doesn’t work for me”.  Their personal history has fed them a lie that says “not for you….man. This is it”…..chaining them in a prison of unbelief  that robs them ‘blind’ from seeing things from a different perspective (when all along the prison door is wide open).  Earth-bound and feeding on what’s familiar, tho it leaves a bitter taste in the belly. All fear based and unsatisfying.

We do have a choice and the choice is ours to make. It may seem unreachable if we look at life from a worldly/earthly perspective.  Our life experiences if we let them, can cripple our minds to limited living.  It’s crazy how the battle is always in the mind. This is the place we get affected.  Sometimes we ‘feel’ negative feelings first, and then the thoughts come or visa versa. Thoughts can come running through our mind like a tape machine.  Memories of past events, offenses that keep haunting and pictures that feel like a punch in the gut.  Those thoughts do not originate from us, but DO come from another source ‘outside of us’.  Theses thoughts as I’ve said before in others posts are meant to ‘kill, steal and destroy’ any possibility of a better life here on earth.  They take advantage, manipulate and spit us out like chewed tobacco (when we engage & agree with those very thoughts). Give them an inch and beware….then comes the tidal wave.

I remember when I was tormented with accusing thoughts while I sat amongst my peers….just a couple years ago.  I was at the center of praise and worship and all the sudden I felt anxiety and intimidation. Those old familiar feelings of ‘inadequacy’.  At that moment I heard the Spirit of God say “I’m going to teach you something these next few days, and you are going to learn to kick this ‘outside’ attack to the curb once and for all”.  I was like “OK”.

As I sat there in the room feeling anxiety and intimidation, my attention turned to a person in front of me while accusatory thoughts begun to run through my mind. Thoughts of doubts and rejection.  Then I heard the Spirit say “Pay attention to what you are feeling and hearing. This is coming for a fallen angel, and it has a name”.  So I thought about those two things and realised that this fallen angel was trying to bring division between me and this other person by using accusation and fear.  I concluded that the name of this fallen angel was accusation and the person it was warring against was not only a child of God, but the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  Meaning that this fallen angel was lying to me and it all made sense. I turned in my imagination towards this fallen angel (I heard these thoughts from the right side of my head) and address it saying “This person is the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and not accused before the Father….BUT you are. You are accused and will always be accused. You are the fearful one….not me. You are the rejected one….not me. You’re a liar. You have no power here.”

As soon I faced this old familiar voice with renewed understanding….the energy I released, pushed this fallen angel away and it left. I felt its presence lift and leave.

What a new experience that was!  As I was saying within myself the truth about the person being accused, I also felt my Spirit well up in love towards that person and then joy.  The presence of Gods Kingdom manifested all around me and I felt light as a feather.  The next day this happened again. This time the feelings that came were judgmental towards another. I felt a slow rise of dislike affecting my emotions. Thoughts of little incidents that occurred between me and this person in the past crept in. I was like ‘ouch & ya, they did that’. Then I felt those feelings build-up as I engaged in those thoughts and as I kept engaging as if I were talking with ‘myself’ more thoughts came till resentment built up and then bitterness started to mount. If I didn’t have a bit of self-control I could have got out my seat to slapped that person beside their head and tell them why. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. Instead as I felt consumed in an ocean of negative energy and emotions, I remembered that this was not coming from me but from a fallen angel.  I had to muster up every bit of willpower to push back all that bad energy engulfing me. In my mind I said ‘no…I come out of agreement with these lies that this person is judged. This child is the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and I extend mercy to them by my choice right now. I choose to forgive and let go. You on the other hand are judged and condemned. You will never get mercy and you can’t changed that. So back off and get the hell behind me”.

Instantly that fallen angel left my presence and I felt that same beautiful love and joy spill up and out of me for this person that angel so desperately wanted to crush. Using my hand & mouth!  This type of  teaching I call ‘The School Of The Spirit’ went on for 2 weeks straight. Every day in the midst of my peers and strangers.  By the end of those intense weeks I had a handle on what was mine & what was not. I had no idea that those thoughts and feelings did NOT originate from me. I was always taught differently.

There is not one person in this world that does not struggle with these same thoughts and feelings. Everyone is in a battle for their life through their mind & emotions. There is a place of hiddeness where these battles loss ground in our lives. This place of hiddeness is in the heart and mind of God.  The place of truth about ourselves and others. In this place we can reject the manipulation of fallen angels that come only to kill, steal and destroy our lives.  When we get a handle on this, we can restructure our personal history and change our future for the better.

Until I was able to understand the battle raging around me, I kept falling for the same traps that kept me bound to limited thinking and living. My personal history told me that I was inadequate, unworthy, stupid, respectable, de-valued, ugly and wouldn’t amount to much.  Now, those lies are kicked to the curb forever and there ain’t no way in heaven I will ever engage with those temptations again. Oh….at times those fallen angels come around to see what I am up to and do try to stir the pot of division….but thankfully I can smell their foul odor when they come lurking around….and my Spiritual antenna goes up to keep watch.  Nothing or No one is going to stop me from restructuring my present and future again.  Talk about being liberated from within! God is good~all the time!

You can restructure your personal history.  You don’t have to let those self-doubting or accusing thoughts keep you bound to where you are now. You are much more!

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