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Spiritual  Wellness

My name is Me’ira Lynne Cameron-Founder + Creator of Wrapped In Light

As a Spiritual Wellness Coach and Advocate, I give people the tools that they need to live confidently and without fear, so they can manifest the changes they want to see in their lives.

The biggest frustration that people experience is the feeling of being trapped in a situation they are powerless to change.

Often times they come to a harsh reality that without a greater purpose, there’s no hope for a better life, and that sense of hopelessness produces sickness in their soul and body.

There’s a huge misconception that says “This is my lot in life. It is what it is. I can’t change it, every time I try I fail, so I must be a failure or it must be Gods will”…..and this is just not the case. It is not true.

If you want to make a change in your life, you must change your mindset about what you believe to be true about you & God. God is a huge factor in this life.

I used to think my life had no meaning or purpose except to please everyone else. It seemed that everyone knew what was best for my life. I learned early on that my heart didn’t matter. I felt unseen, unknown and isolated. My thoughts and words became negative and I found myself in a depression. This depression caused my body to attack itself and I became sick until those sicknesses became chronic. This made me more cynical and angry at God. Who is he anyways?

My life changed when I had an encounter with a living God! I encountered the power of love that gave me value, a sense of worth, dignity and empowerment. I soon learned that those dreams in my heart where valid and ones He put inside of me. His love gave me the desire to live…..really live! and at that moment I knew that I didn’t want anyone else to go through another day believing their life was meaningless, without purpose, or that God was mad at them and distanced Himself from them.

This is what inspired me to start this community so that I can give back to those who need the tools and guidance to manifest the changes they want to see in their life.

It all starts through encountering God within~where your rest is found. From there you will be empowered by perfect love to step out of your comfort zone with confidence that God is divinely leading you every step of the way.  Fear will no longer block you from manifesting the dreams of your heart.  You will become motivated to change those things you’ve been putting off for way too long icon smile ABOUT and life will become more of a fun adventure as you grow Spiritually into the unique beautiful person you already are (within).  

Like a butterfly, you will emerge & emanate your God Light for all to see. You will attract the life you’ve imagined and dreamed of having. You will see it and I will teach you how to thank your God-given dreams into existence.  You will manifest those dreams in time as you continually renew your mind and transition from darkness (deep belief systems that are misconceptions about yourself, God and life) to Light (Gods thoughts)

To JUMP START your inner transformation, and crack the ceiling of limited thinking (which produces ‘lack’).  I encourage you to take a look at my SOZO page and purchase a seat for a 1 hour SOZO SESSION with me. They are filling up fast, so don’t wait on this. You’ll be glad you did!

With Love,



About Meira Lynne Cameron

Founder + Creator of  Wrapped In Light

Me'ira Lynne Cameron is a Spiritual Wellness Coach noted by The Kansas City Healing Community as "a woman highly recommend for any type of ministry position".  She is highlighted as "one who serves faithfully and is very gifted, capable, responsible, knowledgeable and filled with the Spirit of God".  As well as being "a compassionate friend of God who leads a godly life, Me'ira is a joy to work with and a delightful person to know."  Sincerely, Tammy Craft (Kansas City Healing Community Leader)

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